Winning Combination

I have been a contact lens wearer for over 20 years. In the last 3 years, I have only been able to wear my contact lenses for a few hours a day. The contact lenses kept clouding over, and my eyes were  severely itching. I had been to 2 other eye doctors, and all I got from them were new contact lenses with the same problems of clouding and itching whenever I wore the contact lenses. When Dr. Powell examined me, he evaluated the inside of my eyelids and diagnosed that I had a condition called Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. By prescribing a winning combination of a prescription medication, a change of contact lens solutions, and a thinner contact lens type which I dispose of more frequently, I can now wear my contact lenses comfortably all day. I was almost ready to give up on contact lenses. Wearing glasses on a full-time basis is not how I wanted to live my life. I am thrilled that Dr. Powell was able to keep me wearing contact lenses.

-Sari Miller

I Probably would have gone Blind

I saw Dr .Powell for my 1st exam 2 years ago. I had just recently moved to Huntington Beach from Indiana. From the examination, Dr. Powell diagnosed that I had an advanced case of glaucoma. I have had numerous eye examinations in the last many years. None of my  previous doctors had diagnosed this disease. Since then, Dr. Powell has prescribed eye drops which have brought my eye pressures down controlling the glaucoma. I probably would have gone blind if the glaucoma was not caught and treated. I am getting up there in years, and I am eternally grateful that I will not have to live out the rest of my life without vision.

- Robert Evans

No Double Vision

I have always had what has been described as an usual glasses prescription. Basically, one eye is nearsighted, and the other eye is farsighted. Whenever I wore my glasses, I would get double vision if I wasn’t looking through one area in the center of the lenses. Consequently, I would have to take my glasses on and off multiple times a day. It was very frustrating. Dr. Powell diagnosed that I had an imbalance with my eye muscles. He prescribed glasses which have prism ground into the lens. You can’t even tell there is anything different about the appearance of my glasses. Most importantly, I can now wear my glasses comfortably all day with no double vision.

Anne Harrison